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20.05.2024    8.000 MB     degbfresitptjpsk     RPG, Action, Adventure

The flames extinguish on a cursed kingdom. No light remains to illuminate your way, your precious memories slowly crumbling before you. As everything is about to end, could this new world be the salvation you seek? Or is it another false image served to you foreshadowing the exile of your soul?On the border between life and death, you are transported to a blighted and unfamiliar land. Your daughter is missing and you can only save her by fighting your way through fearsome bosses. A dead man can’t save her, but by gathering all your will to continue living, you might just be able to rescue her and escape this bedeviled realm together.

Sandbox Survival

Conquer this land’s harsh environments with your own two hands by crafting everything you need to survive. Build your own weapons to defeat ghoulish foes, construct your own armor to withstand their attacks, build a shelter to rest and respawn; build whatever you can to make it one more day. The strongest enemies can be felled more easily by crafting and preparing to even up the odds.With NPCs, quests, and trading, you may be taking on this journey alone, but you’re never without company.

Epic Fantasy Combat

Kingdom of Fallen is inspired by other major Souls-like games, but is a more approachable game for all audiences. Mastering the game’s systems will tune the difficulty to your liking, giving you the challenge you crave while avoiding any unwanted frustration. Unrelenting bosses await your arrival to prove that you have the mettle to surmount their rampages.

Find Your Own Path

There is no single path every player will follow in Kingdom of Fallen. You will move toward whatever resource or vista calls to you, and discover resources to help you and enemies to block your way. In the game’s various environments, you will find different kinds of materials to create your weapons and armor, encouraging you to scour every region of the damned land to get stronger.Dynamic day and night cycles, along with dynamic weather, will make every visit to a new area or on well-trodden ground a novel experience.Beware, however, as not all creatures in Kingdom of Fallen are clear in their intentions. Magic books that claim to teleport you around the land are capable of lying and may send you places you are not fully prepared to go.


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