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What's the password to extract the files?
The password to extract the files is "" without the ""

I can't extract the archive files. Why is that?
We're using the RAR5 compression standard for our archives. If you have any problems extracting those files, please update to the latest WinRAR Version.

I'm getting CRC errors during the extraction process. What should I do?
CRC errors are usually caused by faulty archive parts. This can happen if something interfered with the download. Please re-download the faulty part and try again. Also, we recommend using jDownloader 2 as a download manager instead of downloading through the browser.

There are so many parts to download. Do I really have to download them one by one?
No, you haven't. We highly recommend using jDownloader 2 to download the files and manage all your (premium) accounts.

What do I do with the extracted files?
It depends. Most of the time, you'll get an .iso file. Those are image files containing all the game files. Use DaemonTools to mount these files in a virtual drive and install the game. Most likely you will also find a 'crack' folder inside. Copy these file(s) to your game folder overwriting the existing one(s) and you're good to go.

GOG and most repackers (like FitGirl or ElAmigos) use custom installers. Just install the game via the .exe file and you're done. Repacks are usually pre-cracked and don't require any further action. GOG Games are always DRM-Free and don't need a crack at all.

Can I contact you directly somehow?
You can reach us under the mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be aware though that we don't answer to any questions regarding downloads, games or upload requests. You can use the commentary section for that or use the 'Request a Game' function.