Distant Worlds 2 Factions Ikkuro and Dhayut-SKIDROW
18.03.2023    6.700 MB          Strategy, Simulation

The Galaxy Expands! For the first time since the release of Distant Worlds 2, two new playable factions are joining the game – the peaceful Ikkuro and the devious Dhayut!

The Ikkuro are focused on happiness, growth and harmony. Their self-repairing ships are a mix of technology and biology and they are able to use their understanding of the various galactic biomes as well as unique terraforming facilities to achieve unprecedented levels of habitability.

The Dhayut are master deceivers and paranoid schemers. Their fast ships bring mistrust and slavery wherever they are found as their ability to infiltrate other societies allows them to manipulate other empires in ways that others cannot hope to achieve.

Each of these new factions also comes with their own special storyline and unique story locations, adding to the possible exploration events and to your knowledge of galactic lore.


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NOTES: This release is standalone, containing the following DLCs:

Distant Worlds 2: Factions - Ikkuro and Dhayut


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