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23.05.2024    2.200 MB     degbfres     Adventure, RPG, Simulation

Activate an interdimensional satellite, iDGi-1, to inhabit the mind of a newly commissioned officer in the Consortium—a supposed peacekeeping force dedicated to promoting global unity and safeguarding Earth’s environment in a uniquely bright vision of humanity’s future. As Bishop Six, you will be tasked to investigate and attempt to solve a cryptic murder, defend the crew from an outlandish attack, uncover hidden conspiracies, and navigate complex interpersonal relationships. Featuring an interactive narrative with branching dialogue and alignment systems that allow you to influence the story's direction, offering a richly detailed world that explores the consequences of your decisions and the nature of trust and loyalty.

  • Introducing V.O.I.C.E.: Choose to use your own voice—or not—to interact with twenty fully realized characters aboard the Consortium Command vessel, C-3800-D “Zenlil.”
  • Navigate a nuanced and highly replayable 6-10 hour campaign. Choose diplomacy without ever drawing a weapon, or take a more aggressive route when you can, ultimately shaping the public’s perception of you. What kind of Bishop will you become?
  • The world of Consortium is very different from our own. Discover how different and why with the in-game "Information Console," containing hundreds of documents and AI-generated images organized by politics/culture, science/tech, space exploration, general history, and Consortium operations.
  • Control an array of weapons, protective gear, medical equipment and more.
  • Craving more FPS action? Explore and play many different gameplay scenarios within the Virtual Trainer (VT) and even make your own VT levels with our VT level editor! (Note: mouse/keyboard only). Share your levels with the world with built-in modding support.


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