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17.02.2024    2.000 MB         Action, Adventure, RPG

Awake your anima in this single-player action-RPG that mixes fast-paced Hack N Slash combat with strategic JRPG elements. 'Focus' to weave the flow of combat, assault the flying Citadel of Indomita and help Juno find answers to clear the deadly Mist of Oblivion!

But beware, for there are ¨Battles of Wills¨ awaiting you; boss battles that you have only one chance to beat and that will define the outcome of the story.

Experience a unique character-building system based on psychological typology that allows you to shape and develop your anima through your actions and choices; evolve by assimilating other users’ natures and master the system that defines both the mechanics and characters of this game!

Combining fast paced Hack N Slash combat with turn-based JRPG strategy into a new mixed system, Arcanima’s gameplay feels unlike any other. Each combat is a puzzle in time waiting to be solved by your unique playstyle. Fight relentlessly or pick apart your enemies by parrying their attacks. Use well timed abilities like you would in an JRPG or combo your enemies with style like you do in a Hack N Slash. Own the combat, the choice is yours!

Dominate the flow of combat and unleash mighty abilities using the Focus Mode to momentarily slow time! Get info on your enemies, plan your next actions and manage your resources, but be careful! You can only spend a limited amount of time on Focus. Easy to use and difficult to master, this feature is a window into the nuanced anima system and how the strengths and weaknesses of different anima natures interact with each other.


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1. Extract and burn or mount the .iso
2. Run SETUP.exe and install the game
3. Copy crack to install dir
4. Play