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 If you reached this site trying to go to and are now wondering WTF is this, don't you fret. We redesigned and changed things up a bit, that's all.  Important: If you were a registered member on, you unfortunately have to re-register now. Due  to a big system update, database could not be transfered. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Also, if you haven't done already, you should change your DNS to the Google one or some other you'd prefer. That way you'll still be able to reach us, even if your internet provider DNS blocks us.

Forza Motorsport Premium Edition
Starfield Premium Edition
Dead Island 2 Gold Edition
Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Edition
The Last of Us Part I
Forza Horizon 5

You may have heard, that the hoster ZIPPYSHARE will shut down their service by the end of this month so it won't be available on this site anymore. So we are currently looking into some other hosters that could serve as a good alternative for free users. Right now we're thinking about either or as they both showed good results in download speed without a premium account.

If you have any suggestion which hoster you'd like to see as a replacement, please let us know in the comments. and GoogleDrive are out of the question though as they offer too little space for too high of a price.