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Generation Zero Dangerous Experiments-FLT
02.01.2023    35.100 MB     de     Action, Adventure

Generation Zero is set in the familiar but hostile open world of Östertörn, Sweden. Your once peaceful home has now been overrun by mysterious, deadly machine enemies. You must choose your battles wisely as you engage in adrenaline-pumping guerilla combat against the mechanical forces.

Explore a huge map inspired by the Swedish Cold War era where danger lurks on every street, in every patch of forest and deep inside every bunker.

Engage in tense battles against sophisticated and deadly machines. Take them on solo or together with up to three friends. Can you outsmart a relentless enemy designed to hunt you down?

Grow stronger as you gain experience fighting back against the machines. Scavenge parts from your fallen enemies and use them to craft equipment, weapons and ammunition. Build and fortify your own bases across the island and start taking back your home!


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Special Notes

Game is updated to the latest version and include all previous updates.

The following DLC are included:
Generation Zero - Tubular Vanity Pack
Generation Zero - US Weapons Pack 2
Generation Zero - Apparel Crafting
Generation Zero - Blockbuster Vanity Pack
Generation Zero - Schweet Vanity Pack
Generation Zero - Bikes
Generation Zero - Base Defense Pack
Generation Zero - Eastern European Weapons Pack
Generation Zero - US Weapons Pack
Generation Zero - Camo Weapon Skins Pack
Generation Zero - Rivals & Experimental Weapons
Generation Zero - Resistance Weapons Pack
Generation Zero - FNIX Rising
Generation Zero - Alpine Unrest
Generation Zero - Base Support Pack
Generation Zero - Soviet Weapons Pack
Generation Zero - Motorbikes Pack
Generation Zero - Tactical Equipment Pack


Updates | DLC
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Installation Information:

* Unrar and burn or mount the .iso
* Install by using our installer
* Play the game (Block the game in your firewall)